WeWork Session #4

Shingo Masuda

Shingo Masuda, born in Osaka 1986 is a japanese Kanun player. He was trained in piano and percussion. In 2009 he devoted himself to the Kanun (oriental Zither), which was recommended to him by arabian musicians in Japan. Masuda has travelled through Egypt, Tunesia, Turkey and Greece, where he taught himself the basics of playing the Kanun and oriental music. Since then he played on numerous festivals, in the program of Japanese Broadcasting Corporation NHK aswell as in temples and shrines in Japan. Masudo has played in various ensembles of different musical genres and has collaborated with many musicians, dancers and artists. Since 2012 he plays annual concerts in Taiwan. 2016 he was on stage with the band „Nara Score“ (奈良楽譜) at the Wolrd Music Oreum Concert on the island of Jeju, South Korea.


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