RBP European Tour 2019

The Stranger

Far From Home

RAW BY PEPPERS attracted the attention of the European music industry, resulting in an invitation to the Primavera PRO Festival 2017 in Spain. Motivated by a range of opportunities in the wider global music scene, they began to look for a turning point in their career. This acclaimed music event served as a stepping stone for the band’s move to Europe, aspiring to step onto the bigger music stages worldwide.

Berlin was chosen as a new base from which Raw by Peppers would draw a source of inspiration from the European musical aesthetic. Setting out a clear ambition towards enlightening experiences, the band’s passionate endeavor seems to have come to fruition. Within a year “Far From Home”, Raw By Peppers has performed multiple concerts in a range of cities in Germany, Spain, Norway and some Eastern European countries and several joint gigs with local artists in Berlin.

To conclude their two-years-residence in Europe, this tour is about telling stories of their experience, influencing their lifestyle and music and resulting in a new single release of the song “The Stranger”.

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