WeWork Sessions

In the heart of Berlin’s busiest district, where some of the greatest minds in the city assemble at WeWork’s Co-working space, a new in-house live music experience is taking place off your desks. Every month the WeWork Live Sessions are inviting to halt, pause and  listen to some of the finest musicians residing or travelling through Berlin.


Green Carpet Sessions

It all started with the Green Carpet Sessions. First, among a group of good friends on their meeting up regularly in the same living room, hanging out, talking, singing, laughing, crying, dancing and jamming together.
A few years later, the word has spread and it evolved into sessions attracting more musicians playing and jamming together, reaching a greater audience…

Green Carpet Music

The Stranger

Far From Home

RAW BY PEPPERS attracted the attention of the European music industry, resulting in an invitation to the Primavera PRO Festival 2017 in Spain. Motivated by a range of opportunities in the wider global music scene, they began to look for a turning point in their career. This acclaimed music event served as a stepping stone for the band’s move to Europe, aspiring to step onto the bigger music stages worldwide.

Berlin was chosen as a new base from which Raw by Peppers would draw a source of inspiration from the European musical aesthetic… read more


Agency &


“Fragments” is Pan Chimzee’s first Full Album Release in collaboration with Green Carpet Music as a result of joint craftsmanship and a long time friendship… read more

Fragments by Pan Chimzee -Album Cover
Artwork by tomm4ik

Album Title: Fragments
Artist & Composer: Pan Chimzee
Producer: Tim Tabellion
Label: Green Carpet Music
Release Date: 10.08.2019

Berlin x Seoul

How does music sound like on the other side of the earth? 

Lieblingsamt is setting off to explore, to experiment and to dare in order to create and discover new experiences. The aim of this project is to build bridges between the two cities of Berlin and Seoul encouraging and introducing artists to a new audience… see more photos and videos

Rainbow99 x Yoon Jae Ho