by Pan Chimzee

The joyful art of creation is the core of Pan Chimzee’s music, that there are no rules and no boundaries. Being an autodidact and not coming from a musical background has made the journey through the world of music an adventurous but rewarding one and has enabled the Berlin based percussive fingerstyle and laptap guitarist to forge his very unique sound in the modern world of acoustic guitar. By merging several layers of melodies, an expressive groove and driving percussion simultaneously, his compositions create a soundscape that is auditory and visually captivating.

„Fragments“ is Pan Chimzee’s first Full Album Release in collaboration with Green Carpet Music as a result of joint craftsmanship and a long time friendship.

Artwork by tomm4ik

Album Title: Fragments
Artist & Composer: Pan Chimzee
Producer: Tim Tabellion
Label: Green Carpet Music
Release Date: 10.08.2019

Available on:

WeWork Sessions