Pan Chimzee

pan chimzee


2019 Fragments

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Starting his musical journey next to the mountains down in Bavaria, the laptapping and fingerstyle guitarist Pan Chimzee has been his own teacher in the world of music for the last decade. Never having had lessons or any musical background, the journey of playing and composing has been a very adventurous and rewarding one and has enabled the Berlin based artist to forge a very unique sound and style of composing.

By merging several layers of melodies, an expressive groove and driving percussion simultaneously, his compositions create a soundscape that is auditory and visually captivating.

The joyful art of creation is the core of his music, that there is no rules and no boundaries. Touring and playing concerts on Europe’s streets and stages, has made his live performances become more and more improvised and playful, so to create a new soundscape to explore and dive into every time. His compositions follow a basic idea and direction but are totally free in their delivery and structure, leading to a more organic experience of live performing for both: The artist and the audience.